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One of the most important components of public relations is staying on top of media relations. There are a lot of “facts” and “myths” or “truths” when it comes to pitching the media. Listed below are some of these facts and myths. They are described in more detail in the link provided.

  • You must have a relationship to pitch – This is a “truth”—but it’s a myth. Reporters do read and use “cold” pitches.
  • Press releases are dead – Myth; press releases are still being used in full force and they are often still requested and used by journalists.
  • If you don’t get a response to your pitch in 24 hours, give up – Myth; sending one email then giving up won’t get you the results you’re looking for. You can be politely persistent.
  • Reporters like attachments – Myth; do not send attachments, journalists don’t like it.
  • Reporters hate calls – True; While it can be necessary at times to call, cold calling should be used sparingly.
  • If you miss a deadline, that’s OK – Myth; reporters work against deadlines, so when they need something, it’s our job to provide it.

6 facts and myths about public relations” (PR Daily)


A new report, prepared by Winnipeg-based Communic@tions Management, Canada’s Digital Divides says there will be very few,shelling-clipart-newspaper_clipart if any printed daily newspapers in Canada within the next decade. The report also says that while Canadians will continue to watch a lot of TV, the industry’s structure will look “less and less” like broadcasting and more like “ecommerce” for individual programs. Below we have listed some statistics from the report.

  • It says current trend lines suggest circulation will fall to between 5-10% of households by 2025.
  • Canada’s combined paid daily newspaper circulation fell to just over 20% of Canadian households in 2014, from just under 50% in 1995 and the equivalent of 102% of households in 1950.
  • Predicts the continued adoption of over-the-top services like Netflix means that most Canadians will get their “TV” via the internet within a decade, a phenomenon that will not only be limited to Canada.

More information about the report can be found in the link here:

Most print newspaper brands will be obsolete by 2025: Report” (Marketing Magazine)

Social Media:

Sometimes it’s beneficial to share your own story on social media when it comes to your brand. True stories about your brand’s history, its successes and employees resonate because they add a human connection that raises the brand’s value. Jenifer Daniels, founder and principal at Good+SmartCo, shares tips on how you can bring direction to your employees’ social media effort. Each is described in detail in the article link below.

  • Survey the landscape
  • Establish a culture of transparency
  • Policy or guidelines? Choose wisely
  • Spreading the message

4 Tips for Establishing Employee Social Media Guidelines” (PR News)

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