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We have all experienced sending out pitches and not getting a response from journalists. You’ve done your research, it’s well-written and the information you’re sending is newsworthy. So why don’t we get a response? Just because you didn’t hear back doesn’t mean you should give up. Below are six options that can help you redeem yourself. Each is also described in more detail in the link below.

  • Re-send the pitch
  • Rewrite the pitch and send again
  • Try social media
  • Pick up the phone
  • Look for another media outlet
  • Figure out another way to get the news out

6 ways to handle a failed pitch” (PR Daily)


CASACOM has multiple offices and teams in different cities. At times it can be challenging to manage a team when the entire group sits just outside your door. However it can be even more difficult when team members work in different time zones, cities or countries.

Heather Harder, account executive at Capstrat, a Raleigh, N.C.-based agency, writes, “It’s not just about getting the work done—it’s also about fostering relationships among teammates.” Below are some of the lessons she’s learned that may be useful to those who have teams located in multiple places.

  • Consistently set clear expectations
  • Open call policy, make time to chat
  • Chart it
  • Avoid hiding behind technology

More detail on each lesson is described in the link here.

4 Tips for Managing a Geographically Diverse Team” (PR News)


coffeeNHL players working at Tim Hortons? You didn’t read that wrong. NHL player Sidney Crosby and fellow NHL-er Nathan MacKinnon served morning coffee to customers in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia recently. Both are very talented athletes, but not everyone can be good at everything. It’s a fun and creative ad; you can watch some clips in the article link below:

Watch This: Sidney Crosby works the Tim Hortons drive-thru” (Marketing Magazine)

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