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daily-writingWe all get writer’s block. Sometimes when you focus on a piece of work for too long you get frustrated because you don’t know what to write. Here are five things you can do to push past writer’s block from Laura Hale Brockway, a regular contributor to PR Daily and a medical writer and editor.

  • Take a break
  • Get a change of scenery
  • Do something other than writing
  • Take it slowly
  • Write first, edit later

Each is described in detail in the article link below.

5 ways to push past writer’s block” (PR Daily)


Self-service and table delivery coming to McDonald’s? Yes, you read that right, McDonald’s Canada CEO John Betts says lining up to pay for burgers will soon be a thing of the past. The company is overhauling the way it does business, adding self-service kiosks, bringing table delivery and dedicated wait staff to its restaurants by 2017.

The new kiosks will allow customers to personalize their orders as McDonald’s adds a premium-priced burger to the menu with nearly 30 different options including five types of cheese and a dozen different toppings. More details about McDonald’s upcoming service options can be found in the article below.

Build-your-own-burger option coming to McDonald’s” (Marketing Magazine)

Social Media:

Writing may be one of the most important skill that a professional communicator can have. A PR professional cannot share a brand’s message nor effectively engage with an intended audience without good writing. Michael Lamp, vice president of social and digital media at Hunter Public Relations, provides tips to make it less of a challenge and more of an opportunity. Each of these tips is further explained in detail in the link below.

  • Write like your audience
  • Complement the conversation
  • There’s a place for both the hard and soft sell(s)
  • Don’t draft and dash
  • Verbose is gross

5 Tips to Tell a Compelling Brand Story on Social Media” (PR News)

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