CASACOM presents its content creation studio

In response to a growing demand for creative and production of both visual and editorial content, CASACOM has opened a creative studio. The core of this team is Catherine Chantal-Boivin, Senior Consultant specialized in video production, Stacy Cavery, Digital Analysis Consultant, and Niti Mueth, Graphic Designer. The CASACOM studio team develops original and targeted content that amplifies the reach of public relations programs positioned for clients.

The creations of CASACOM studio are based on a process that is divided into five stages:

  • Data analysis

o    Google Analytics, social media, newsletters, downloads, videos: the study of a brand’s digital ecosystem data helps identify trends that drive content creation.

  • Planning

o    The content “cemetery” is growing every day. Too much content dies before reaching consumers. The choice of medium (visual, video, audio, text), the relevance of the content, the promotion budget and the frequency of distribution are the subject of careful planning.

  • Creation

o    From video capsules to animated GIFs to infographics, we produce customized content adapted to the reality and needs of clients.

  • Deployment

o    Depending on the needs, we can distribute the content created on the web and social platforms, or collaborate with the client’s team at this level.

  • Evaluation

o    Scope, tone, engagement rate and conversion: Digital content campaigns generate a wealth of statistics. Taking advantage of this data is key for amplification and the improvement of future campaigns.

At CASACOM, we believe that only original content with real added value will enable organizations to stand out in the sea of ​​information broadcasted every day. With our new studio, we help our clients to be seen and heard by their audiences by offering digital content with a real public relations strategy.

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