The power of live

Live, real time, without editing … Unless you are Patrice Roy or Sophie Thibault, these terms can make you dizzy! But in a controlled environment and with the right preparation, live video remains a powerful tool to authentically reach  different audiences.

Video content reigns as king on the web. According to Cisco Forecast, 75% of the traffic generated on the web today is video-based and this figure will reach 82% by 2020. The proof of video content’s ability to  transmit the values, the philosophy and the uniqueness of an organization is no longer needed: it’s a fact.

If you’re already using video in your content strategy, have you dared to try going  live? In 2018, live recordings have been prominent online. Moreover, the social media giants of the web have understood the craze for live and now offer tools, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or YouTube Reels, which have truly democratized the production of real time content.

Talking data

Let the data talk first. Three quarters of Facebook users watch live video. Facebook lives are viewed three times longer than regular videos and generate 10 times more comments. It is an effective strategy for broadcasting content that generates a high rate of engagement.

The key ingredients for a good live

For a successful live, a dose of suspense and a hint of the unknown are key. We must give good reasons for online users to continue viewing. Buzzfeed has utilized this strategy during this live video experiment, which counted the number of elastic bands that can wrap around a watermelon before it explodes! Simple, right? It might be, but it’s still one of the most viewed Facebook Live videos in social media history, with more than 800,000 people who simultaneously viewed the broadcast.

In public relations, you can perform a live video to unveil the new product of a brand, announce an association with a spokesperson or offer a Q&A session. with viewers.

Warning! The stress of a live broadcast can freeze even the best of ambassadors if they  are not used to this type of medium. In this case, it might be best to have an experienced facilitator to lead the way.

Authentic et interactive

The live video  has strong interactive potential. It allows the public to be involved and form a relationship of engagement through Q&A. The more daring live video users can  even ask their viewers  to influence their live content through suggestions.

Some brands use live video to establish a more intimate connection  with the community. This was the case for the Animal Welfare Association, which broadcast a live walk through the streets of New York to offer the public small puppies to adopt. . Very cute and  educational at the same time!

To first execute  a live video might be a bit nerve wracking! Although, similarly to jumping off a cliff, we do not jump without a parachute! With rigorous preparation, you can have an authentic live experience with your audience. On air in 5,4,3,2,1… Go!

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