Data and PR make a good team

“If I do not have access to your Google analytics, it’s like signing a blank check.”
I heard this phrase  last fall in a Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) conference on best practices for evaluating and measuring PR campaigns and it has  stayed in my head ever since. Recently, the subject was also mentioned at Infopresse, which held a day of conferences on the careful use of marketing data. There were three elements from these presentations that caught my attention and have shared in more detail below.

Three new must have skills in PR
Marketing, video editing and data analysis skills. No, these are not the most sought-after skills in sales or advertising, but… in PR, according to PR Daily. These new digital vehicles generate a quantity of data that must be harnessed, compiled and analyzed to judge the real impact of a campaign. From a simple video broadcast on social media, we can draw: the number of views, shares, likes and clicks to a site, as well as the duration of the views and the engagement rate. These are all valuable statistics that contextualize the impact of a campaign.

Beyond Press Relations
Even the study of campaigns that unfold mainly in traditional media can be enhanced by numerical analysis. There are several options, starting with the interactions that arise from posting an article on social media. Major media accounts broadcast several pieces of news every hour and the end result  provides valuable information. Tools like BuzzSumo also make it possible to obtain the number of sharing of report links in the main social platforms.

Data is nothing without context
Data has long been the choice of marketing specialists. Digital communications has changed the game and that’s for the best because we have new tools that will illustrate the impact of PR actions. The growth of available data, however, is accompanied by an explosion of reports filled with raw non-contextualized figures. Aviso’s Roger Kapena, who attended a workshop on the subject at Infopresse, calls for data throwing. Identifying the most relevant figures that will help identify trends and bring real value to organizations becomes an art that must be mastered. At CASACOM, we make a point of presenting data that brings added value.

PR in motion
The industry is changing, and within our team, we are experiencing this transformation in action. We are very proud to present our CASACOM Studio, which offers design and production of content (design, video, etc.) coupled with data analysis. How are you living through this era of digital transformation?

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