Immersion in the world of influence: interview with Ariane Svatina

We continue our series of interviews on influencers with the generous Ariane Svatina. Previously known as “Julius and Valentina”, Ariane recently decided to rename her accounts and blog under her real name, in search of an often-overlooked authenticity on social media. An authenticity that, according to her, will spread quickly among influencers as they will increasingly stand out in a niche of their own. “Because every influencer is a brand in itself, a small business, with its own brand that must be consistent at all times,” she says:

Why launch a blog?

At first, I wanted to use it as a portfolio, since I wanted to work for a magazine. Also, my friends always asked me my favorite restaurants and my favorite travel destinations. As I kept telling myself, I decided to put everything online and create a blog. I was the first surprised to see so many people who did not know me, read me.

Describe me Ariane Svatina in three words

Light, colorful, holidays.

What are the values ​​you are looking for an organization that would like to collaborate with you?

I always try to stay as authentic as possible. I never accept a collaboration if the product or company does not meet at least one of my three criteria:

  • That I really like the product or the company
  • That the company has a charitable side
  • That the product or company can bring something positive in the lives of my subscribers

Since you started your blog, what was your biggest lesson?

Stay authentic, against all odds. It’s easy to be tempted by tempting partnerships or just to get as many mentions as you like, without really thinking about the quality of your content. I also learned that showing beauty is fun, and my subscribers like it, but it’s also important to talk about the real things … Because basically, everyone lives similar situations.

What do you think is the future of influencer marketing?

It will be increasingly difficult for influencers to stand out. Most will have to find their own niche and learn to master more than one platform. They will also need to stay up to date. Social media is evolving very quickly. Everyone on social media now has influence, whether on a small or large scale: it is therefore the influencers with a well-defined identity that will stand out and keep their audience.

Finally, what can we wish you for Ariane Svatina’s future?

My greatest wish is not necessarily to make the most money possible, or to have me invited to New York Fashion Week… I want to take advantage of my platform to contribute to the causes that really affect me and bring positivity in the lives of people who fall on my publications by browsing their news feed. As it is written in my biography on my Instagram account, I want “Throwing kindness around like confetti”… We all need it.

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