Artificial Intelligence to Predict the Behaviour of your Target Audiences

Is it not what the population will do “tomorrow” (rather than today) that should interest organizations?

When it comes to studying a market, the key lies in the ability to assemble a random sample that is representative. This remains difficult to do on social media since they are not representative of the population as their users are on average younger and more educated. Whereas the cultural communities are generally less well represented, and it is difficult to target a precise geographic representation.

The usual ways to make social media monitoring are limited to the use of keywords. Here again, it’s easy to imagine the innumerable situations where the portrait excludes the opinion of the silent majority.

Organizations around the world spend more than $70 billion each year on market research (source: ESOMAR). These studies make it possible to see what the population is doing “at the moment,” but is it not what the population will do “tomorrow” that should be of greater interest to organizations?

Polly, an Intelligent Creature

That’s where Polly comes in: an artificial intelligence developed by Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), a partner of CASACOM. We welcomed its founder and CEO, Erin Kelly, to our Montreal office for a CASAcademy event.

Erin first explained how she creates random, controlled and representative samples, all with a strict confidentiality protocol where no personal information is collected. Its patented model was able to predict the Brexit victory at 52%!

Polly works 24/7, 365 days a year. It analyzes what consumers are influenced by, what their behaviour will be, how they react to certain messages rather than others, and this is only in a few hours notice. Similarly, it is possible to go back in time to analyze what influenced the behaviour of a target audience during a specific time.

How do you use Polly?

You need to identify your target market, establish questions, subject and the material that will be used to teach this new “material” to Polly, a neutral, hard-working lady with no emotion or judgment of value and any cognitive bias (and that’s what we want in this area, is it not?). It will then become your most loyal ally to respond in real time to the questions you’re asking yourself.

To understand your markets, this tool can help you go further. While some market research may take months, Polly completes everything in about 10 days and is much more economical, allows you to add questions and get 24-hour reading for subsequent questions.

Would you like to know which of your ads really increased your sales? How do you deal with a new product launched by a competitor? Or, how much can you ask your customers for particular features they want to see in your products? With a well-defined target market and well-educated artificial intelligence, we can help you approach marketing research from a new perspective that will let you know what your customers will do in the future rather than in the past.

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