The Four Steps of Effective Community Management

Social media communications are constantly changing: weekly updates, new features, and changes to algorithms are things you have to deal with on a daily basis. How to monitor all these changes and remain effective in community management? Here are four steps that I highly recommend:

  1. The Importance of Multiplatform Strategy

Effective management rhymes with planning. Who are you talking to? On which platforms are they the most active? What kind of content do they need? Answer these questions first to define your goals and quantify them. Then ask yourself: how do social media fit into the overall communication strategy? Once your strategy is well established, work with a content creation team to develop messages, visuals and videos that will perform on social platforms.

  1. An Editorial Calendar Aligned With Strategy

The golden rule for a continuous feed on social media is the creation of an editorial calendar. This tool provides an overview of upcoming content, while also planning the type of content to be put forward. As my colleague Stacy explained in her last post, it is important to adopt good practices to avoid joining the “content cemetery”. Be sure to respect the editorial line and adapt the content to each social platform… without leaving aside the spontaneity!

  1. Think Community and not “likes”

How to differentiate yourself as a company on social media in the digital age? Bet on building a true community and not on increasing the number of subscribers to measure your success. Establish a genuine and personalized relationship with your community by engaging in a regular and genuine conversation with them. When comments are emotional, use your community managers to develop a strategy that is appropriate to the situation.

  1. Understanding of the Results

Analyze your activities to measure the ones that have been most effective and identify those that need adjustment. Rely on your initial performance indicators. By analyzing your results on a monthly basis, you can determine the actions to be taken to refine your strategy.

To maximize your success rate on social media, adapt your strategy and content to your target audiences and social platforms. Do not underestimate the workload associated with managing your community and surround yourself with a proactive team to increase your impact!


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