Internship at CASACOM: A Rewarding and Human Experience

Seven weeks ago, I started my internship at CASACOM. As I write these lines, it is now coming to an end. These last weeks have been very rewarding and constructive from an academic and professional perspective. They allowed me to better understand the dynamics of a firm as well as the advisory role of communications consultants. Here is an overview of my experience as an intern at CASACOM.


My Apprehensions

I recall the first morning when I was walking towards this new challenge. Part of me was excited to do this internship, but the other was rather anxious. Indeed, I had some apprehensions about the “agency dynamics”.

Performing less stimulating tasks, working long hours and going unnoticed in a rather chaotic environment… these are the rumours that sometimes spread among students, which would likely make any student reconsider doing an internship at a firm.

Fortunately, my fears quickly dissipated. The whole team welcomed me and supported me in carrying out my various mandates. In addition, my supervisor took the time to understand my needs and expectations so that my experience was enjoyable and rewarding. Despite their busy schedules, my colleagues were always happy to take the time to meet with me and answer my questions so that I could better understand the work of the communications advisors.

In the end, I had the chance to evolve in a professional and human firm for the duration of this internship. Needless to say, I enjoyed my experience!


My Learnings

At university, I was introduced to the world that would open to me as a publicist. At CASACOM, I learned how to perform the tasks related to this world in a practical manner. My internship was thus an instructive experience.

I discovered several tools and processes that will allow me to work more effectively. I now know how to present the results of research, monitor media coverage, create press reviews and develop press lists.

I also got familiar with the concept of billable hours, which is specific to working in a firm. I would like to emphasize here that my work was not charged to clients, but I appreciated being able to understand how it is organized in a general way. Finally, I learned the three most important questions to ask when a task is entrusted to us:

  • Which client am I completing this task for?
  • How many hours are needed to complete it?
  • When should I have completed it by?

By always having these three questions in mind, I was able to manage my time effectively, organize my work according to priorities and develop my speed of execution. This reflex will be key for the continuation of my studies and my projects!


The highlights

At CASACOM, one project does not wait for the other. I have done several tasks over the last few weeks for clients from various industries. I experienced several highlights during my internship. Here are three that were particularly impactful:

  • Toyota Canada press conference at the Montreal International Auto Show


Since the advent of social media, press conferences are becoming increasingly rare. It was a real treat to be able to attend the Toyota Canada conference and participate in its success. I could see my colleagues in action and understand their role as advisors to spokespeople and journalists. It was quite impressive!

  • Filming a Vox pop for the Quebec Association of Women in Finance (AFFQ)


Content creation is one of my favorite things. I loved participating in the filming of a vox pop for the AFFQ. It was surprising to see all the equipment and preparation needed to produce the vox pop. Every detail was taken into consideration to ensure quality results and I learned a lot!

  • The process of acquiring new customers

When it comes to exciting and instructive mandates, we necessarily refer to business development. I am grateful to have been involved through the different stages of the process of acquiring new clients. It not only allowed me to develop my skills in research and analysis, but it also taught me that you must always use strategy and listening to differentiate yourself from the competition. In the end, it’s very gratifying to see your work come to fruition in a client pitch.

My internship at CASACOM was a very formative experience for my journey. I learned a lot and developed skills that will serve me throughout my career. To do an internship is an invaluable opportunity to put all the knowledge acquired into practice on the benches in university. Without preaching for my parish, I can only encourage students to seize this opportunity and to do an internship in an agency as relevant and professional as CASACOM. Being able to feel that the team is concerned about the development of the next generation is priceless.

See you soon CASACOM!

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