“Transparency and authenticity are inseparable from PR in 2019.” – Véronique Boileau, VP Communications at Agropur

Véronique Boileau, Vice-President, Communications at Agropur and also a CASACOM client, leads numerous issues head-on. From brand reputation to issues management through internal communication, she oversees several strategic aspects that make her everyday life anything but routine. Veronique has agreed to share her vision, challenges and inspirations with us in an interview for our blog.

Véronique has always looked back on her career with humility, recognizing that a career is not based solely on work and talent. “It’s an essential foundation, but we also have to seize opportunities, use our judgment and take advantage of the opportunities, because life is a journey marked with successes and challenges. ”

Before joining Agropur, Véronique was Director, Public Relations for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM). She previously worked for CASACOM. She also spent some years at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development in New York. At the beginning of her career, she was press secretary and political advisor for the Quebec government. With a master’s degree in international relations from Laval University, Véronique also has a master’s degree in music and is a pianist.

“I am a person of commitment, that’s what guided my career. Communication is a way of talking about a cause, an issue and a brand, and a way to make it shine on different platforms. There is something very authentic and transparent about it. That’s what has always guided and interested me in my career.– Véronique Boileau

Her career at Agropur

Today she leads communications at Agropur and is passionate about the brand and what it represents. “I am inspired by the same values. I want to promote our brand, defend its interests, promote it, protect it and ensure their reputation is looked after. I have a very committed and activist side that I have applied in all my jobs, regardless of the challenges encountered. ”

, “The biggest challenge has undoubtedly been to change environments and places regularly, because every time you have to start anew. You have to find your anchor and inner balance. She emphasizes that the communication function requires us to touch on different issues in a variety of contexts. This requires a lot of adaptation and a good deal of agility to react quickly and achieve the set goals.

Building on different experiences

“When I arrived at Agropur, I had a revelation: everything you do in life ends up being aligned, which is why you should not be afraid to say yes and go for it.” Her experience in politics taught her to exercise judgment in an intense environment. The five years she spent at a firm allowed her to develop her adaptation skills, to go deep into complex issues, particularly with the launch of Iögo (Agropur) in Quebec.

Véronique also recalls the time she lived in New York during a sensitive period following the war in Iraq, and worked to strengthen the Franco-American relationship. “Currently, with my job at Agropur, I’m responsible for corporate communications across Canada and the United States. It’s as though all experiences are coming together. Our career path can be very varied, but things end up aligned in the end. You have to listen, seize opportunities, and live without regret. ”

Her vision

Looking back, does she consider herself ambitious? “Yes, but not at any price. Something inside me always wants to go further. Something inside me wants more, whether it’s for me or for others. As a manager, I want every member of my team to fulfill its dreams.” In this sense, she shares CASACOM’s vision to elevate!

Courage is a key ingredient in defending the values ​​we believe in. “I had the great opportunity to work on different issues and causes for which it takes conviction, courage, aspiration, and passion,” explains Véronique. “There are many other factors that contribute to success,” she adds, “and they are unique to each person. To discover them, you must invest and commit long-term. You have to be in tune with your convictions and your values. Never lose sight of them. This allows you to have no regrets. ”


And if we were to take things further …

1. According to you, what does it take to be a good spokesperson?

Other than preparation and work, it is necessary to tell the truth, to be authentic, to promote the interests of the organization that you represent. When we do that, I think those who listen to us respect and understand the position we champion.

2. What is the public perception of public relations?

I think we are expected to have a clear and simple answer to questions, be transparent, take a position and be exemplary. Nowadays, when consumers buy a product, they want it to come from a respectable company, they want to build a bond of trust with the brand. Our profession allows us to build that trust and keep it going.

3. Has the practice of public relations changed since you started working?

Yes, our profession is constantly evolving. We are in an area where transparency and authenticity are key values ​​that are increasingly sought after. Companies are expected to take positions on a wide range of issues and what better than communication to convey these messages. We look after the causes and interests of our organizations and our profession becomes more important and strategic than ever. It’s a very interesting time to be working in the field.

4. How do you manage to stay informed despite your busy schedule?

To practise our profession, we must stay informed. In the digital age, we have access to a multiplicity of sources of information. Because of my experience, I am also in touch with a wide range of issues, whether they are related to international politics, Quebec, Canadian or American politics. Twitter is a network that I really enjoy because it is always in tune with the news.

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