Leverage social media to enhance employer brands – a must in 2019

In the current context of full employment, several tactics emerge in response to the labour shortage. Consider the last Legault government budget and its series of measures to encourage workers aged 60 and over to remain in the job market, business coalitions forming with the common goal of attracting new talent, or new sections in the media spotlighting top employers.

Across the country, the need is clear: 59% of Canadian organizations said that recruiting and retaining employees was a priority for 2019 [1] . Companies must double down on their creativity to stand out from other employers and connect with future talent. Where are they? Notably on social media, hence the importance for organizations to promote their employer brand on these platforms.

Develop an attractive showcase

Your strategy should play the long game. While you may have lots of immediate jobs to fill, it’s important to keep build your corporate culture.

  • Publish on your page, at least three times a week, with quality content such as blog posts, case studies, job postings, events as well as industry and business news. The number of interactions on your page depends on the relevance of your published content.
  • Enhance content with visuals that will captivate the attention of readers. Generally, the best performing posts are those where people are seen.
  • Shine a light on employees taking part in professional development activities, such as in-house training and talent development conferences. Nearly half (45%) of employees left a job due to perceived lack of opportunities for advancement [2].
  • Convey your professional atmosphere by sharing photos of your team activities, events you organize or participate in, or your employees.
  • Find a different way to share your job offers. Here are three creative examples

Kiewit and Agropur shared key messages related to their employer brand using a video.

Edgenda develops creative visual content to stand out as a potential employer.

Encourage your employees to become ambassadors

Your employees are the first ambassadors of your company. They have a sense of belonging to your organization that is deeper than any other subscriber to your platforms. This pride is often accompanied by an interest in making their work environment known to those around them. According to a LinkedIn analysis, the click-through rate of a piece of quality content is twice as high if it is shared by an employee with their network, versus by the company itself [3].

In order to take advantage of this network, seek the voluntary participation of employees to share content on their own pages, such as their professional interests and activities, as well as company news. But be careful, the success of this approach lies in the authenticity of the content. Avoid any appearance of advertising!

Your employees will only benefit from it: a good individual reputation, an increased number of followers and an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise.


Be active on LinkedIn

In conclusion, you should use LinkedIn to its full potential.

The professional social network allows you to join groups with interests similar to those of your company, to conduct a keyword search and to stay connected with former employees who may have contacts possessing the necessary qualities for job postings.

In addition, developing an employer brand on social media begins with the development of a content strategy. To inspire you, I invite you to read my colleague Anne-Sophie’s blog post on tips for humanizing corporate videos—an impact communications tool to reach future employees and to inspire pride in your employees.


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