Is it Time for a Preliminary Assessment?

As the curve finally begins to flatten, as summer comes knocking at our door and the lockdown begins to lift, the time has come for a preliminary assessment to answer the question: what impact has the pandemic had on us so far?

Many of our clients are asking us to think about these types of questions. They want an outside perspective to evaluate their actions, they want to know where they are at, and they want to prepare for what’s next.

Below is the approach we use and guidelines for such an assessment:

  1. First, facts:
    • What happened?
    • What did we do?
    • Which quantitative or qualitative data can we collect and analyze?
  2. Next, analysis:
    • What worked well and what didn’t? Why?
    • What opportunities arose and what threats were encountered?
    • What does that mean for us?
  3. Lastly, action:
    • What should we do as of now?

This is a useful exercise to do anytime, but particularly right now. I appreciate it thoroughly because it incorporates data collection, reflection, and action. Once going through the process, it is impossible to remain at a standstill!

I hope this will help you successfully carry out your assessment and, by doing so, to project yourself positively in the future.

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