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Like many others, the long months of the pandemic has filled my head with questions. My certainties as an entrepreneur and business leader were shaken, my bearings scattered, and despite this, I had to make quick, solid and fair decisions.

To help clarify my thinking, I reached out to my network of partners at Worldcom PR Group. This group of 85 independent public relations and communications firms helmed by entrepreneurial leaders like myself, became my number one resource to help me navigate through the early days.

First I called a few friends in the group to discuss in confidence the delicate issues I was facing. Together, through phone calls and Zoom calls, we survived the fragile stages of the first weeks. Finding common ground with them and feeling less alone was both reassuring and life-saving. My perspective and my solutions became less uncertain. I had regained some of my bearings.

Since those early days, I have continued to participate in bi-weekly peer-to-peer meetings during which we discuss our challenges, our successes and, above all, our experiences. These are invaluable exchanges.

Exceptional mutual trust

For the past 15 years, I have been fortunate to be part of this community of independent public relations firm executives. Originally, I joined to connect with the world as I felt alone on my Montreal island. Over the years, the reasons to be affiliated with this group have multiplied.

Here are a few of my personal favourites:

  • Continuous learning from generous expert partners that inspire growth;
  • Access to the insights and multidisciplinary experience of 2,000 professionals located in 132 offices on 6 continents;
  • Foresight to be one step ahead and always “ready” to recommend and deliver the latest PR and communications tactics;
  • Secure access to the international market through our 85 partners for our clients;
  • International client recommendations from partner referrals;
  • The opportunity to build exceptional camaraderie between people who are wondering about the same questions we are;
  • Visiting the world to participate in spring and fall meetings (in normal times, of course).

Today, having survived (and dare I say thrived),  through the crisis at the beginning of the pandemic, I feel deep gratitude towards this organization and that is why I wanted to offer this testimony. CASACOM simply would not be CASACOM without Worldcom.


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