Join us on Friday October 9, 2020,12 p.m. to 1 p.m. for the first of two special CASACADEMIES as we explore the predictive insights of AI technology and the US Election.

The scientists behind “Polly”, the AI Pollster, developed by scientists at the University of Ottawa and licensed to Advanced Symbolics Inc., will share insights in what topics will influence US voters, including the desired “swing vote”.

Polly has correctly forecast over 20 elections and referendums since her debut in 2016, including both BREXIT and the 2016 Trump victory.  Polly is also the AI of choice for leading consumer companies including Disney, Mastercard and GM and is well known in the medical research field for her work in mental health and suicide reduction.

Come learn what makes Polly so accurate, how she is able to read population trends and, most importantly, what she is saying about the upcoming U.S. election.

CASACOM invites you to attend these two online CASACADEMIES with Erin Kelly, President and CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. Erin is frequently called up by both national and international media for her insights into AI and its future impacts on society.

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