A New Year for Growth & Elevation: Nine Promotions at CASACOM

CASACOM is starting off the new year strong with nine members from the Montreal and Toronto teams being promoted. While Mylène Demers has been promoted to Senior Director, Corporate Communications, and member of the executive committee, several of her colleagues have been named to management positions as well. This is the case for Andrea Mancini who becomes Director, Public Relations and Marketing Communications, Noémi Foucault who is promoted to Director, Marketing Communications and Employer Brand, Stacy Cavery who now holds the position of Director, Digital Strategy and Mathilde St-Vincent who becomes Director, Corporate Communications. 

Additional employees are also growing and broadening their skill sets within the firm. CASACOM has promoted Adrienne York to Senior Consultant, Marketing Communications, Laurent Palacio-Tellier to Senior Consultant, Digital Marketing, Marie-Claude Brault to Senior Graphic Designer and Dominik Boudreault Lapierre to Consultant, Public Affairs. 

“We are honoured to have the commitment and excellence of professionals with various expertise across many fields who constantly strive to elevate themselves. The growth of our team members is an integral part of our mission and these nine promotions solidify that we have succeeded in implementing an environment that ensures the development of our talent,” said Jean-Michel Nahas, Executive Vice President and Partner at CASACOM.

Remarkable Career Paths

CASACOM has counted on the valuable contribution of Mylène Demers for the past nine years. Mylène, who joined the communications firm as an intern at the beginning of her career, has been driven by a constant desire to achieve the objectives of both clients and the firm. She is recognized by her peers and clients for her reliability, her sense of judgment and her ability to manage high-impact integrated campaigns, as well as her commitment to the development of her colleagues.

Andrea Mancini’s determination and passion is the driving force that makes her an outstanding communications professional. She manages her accounts with the highest level of commitment and professionalism to ensure a positive client experience and has done so successfully since she started at CASACOM over eight years ago.

Noémi Foucault stands out on the team for her attention to detail and ability to listen to her clients’ needs. An expert in marketing communications, she has developed her skills in employer branding over the past few years. She supports clients with their recruitment and employee engagement initiatives. 

Known for her keen analytical skills, Stacy Cavery provides invaluable input to the digital projects  she is involved with through her ability to translate data into concrete actions and her strategic approach to helping clients build successful campaigns.

Mathilde St-Vincent is driven by the desire to help her clients be understood and heard in the current media landscape. Known for her skillful planning and execution of issues management files, she also stands out for her ability to act as a spokesperson and train clients before they meet with the media.

Whether it is Adrienne York’s love of language or Laurent Palacio-Tellier’s desire to analyze all data, these qualities allow them to infuse their knowledge into the projects they participate in, which contributes  to their success. As for Marie-Claude Brault, her ability to translate words into images and illustrate complex realities makes her a valuable asset to CASACOM. Finally, Dominik Boudreault Lapierre excels in all types of mandates with his organizational skills and curiosity.

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