CASACOM prepares its succession

Catherine Chantal-Boivin, Mylène Demers and Mathilde St-Vincent join Jean-Michel Nahas as shareholders of the firm

Marie-Josée Gagnon, CEO and Founder of CASACOM, is pleased to announce that a next generation of entrepreneurs will become shareholders of the national public relations and communication firm. Four years after the arrival of Jean-Michel Nahas, Executive Vice President, Marie-Josée is proudly welcoming Catherine Chantal-Boivin, Vice President Creation, Mylène Demers, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, and Mathilde St-Vincent, Director, Corporate Communications, to the firm’s capital. At the same time, Nahas is increasing his ownership while Gagnon remains the majority shareholder.

“We would be hard-pressed to come up with better news for CASACOM’s future,” says Gagnon. “Jean-Michel, Catherine, Mylène and Mathilde each have the four key skills needed to ensure the firm’s continuity: recognized leadership, both within and outside the firm, the skill and the determination needed to develop new services and new ways to serve our clients, the ability to grow our business, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. I know I can rely on these long-time collaborators, who have always acted as owners, to guarantee the longevity of our firm.”

In line with the founder’s long held vision for CASACOM, this step ensures the firm’s desire to continue its growth trajectory while remaining independent, and to further their unique integrated approach to providing strategic communications services across Canada and around the world.
“More than ever, CASACOM will continue to innovate and invest in our people in order to elevate our clients and create value for our stakeholders,” concludes Gagnon.

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