« Tell me your problem. I will help you solve it. »

– Tricia Doyle

(416) 944-2145, ext. 226


  1. 20 years of B2C, B2B, Government and agency marketing experience
  2. MBA (Marketing/Business Strategy); Graduate Diploma (Arts & Media Administration), Schulich School of Business
  3. Part-time Marketing Professor, George Brown College (Centre for Business)

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do.

I could have been an archeologist or a mystery-novel-type detective – I am known to dig, discover and uncover facts and insights to help solve a problem.  I love my role as a strategist and communicator because I get to solve business problems.

Whether it’s a sales, a brand awareness, or a customer/employee engagement problem, I always start with the research. Asking the right questions and being rigorous with the data analysis reveals true consumer-driven insights. And from the insights – and this is the part I like the best – comes the strategy against which everything is benchmarked. Once we have the strategy nailed down, then and only then, can we confidently move forward with execution and delivery of programs.


Having worked for government, corporate and agency organizations, I have experienced many different work cultures. At CASACOM I have found my ideal work culture of smart people who are committed to doing smart work for smart clients – it is truly a very special place.

What else…

My home life is equally busy to my work life as I balance my energetic family: Patrick, Jack & Kali. There is never a dull moment in the Doyle household as everyday someone is learning something new.  In my rare alone and quiet moments my favourite things is to get lost in a book.