« There is always room for improvement. »

– Alina Drobysheva

(514) 286-2145, poste 226


  1. Laureate of the Lieutenant-Governor General’s Award for Social Involvement
  2. CPA designation
  3. Consultant for ERP implementation projects

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do.

Many people tend to think that Accounting means Excel sheets with never-ending formulas all day long when, in fact, this is not necessarily true. As a CPA, I get to be in touch with different departments of the company and I am trusted to be able to bring positive changes to processes starting with the onboarding of employees and ending with the presentation of financial statements to the board. As an individual, I am always seeking to improve everything around me and never scared to face challenges. This combination makes my work a constant flow of projects of all kinds. I love comparing the “Before and After” and seeing the actual positive impact that I am making and never flatten the learning curve.


CASACOM has an amazing team of people who always give their 150% and, like me – never stop improving. This makes me push myself even harder to support their motivating energy to accomplish even greater outcomes for our team and our clients.

What else…

I love to travel. I love discovering different cultures and especially different cuisines! When I’m abroad, most of my budget goes into the food that I buy on the streets or in a restaurant or at a local grocery shop. My best culinary experience was in a small town in Italy when I bought some fresh pasta, fresh pesto, cheese, wine and cold cuts. It was delicious!