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The CASACADEMY is a high-level professional development center that enables our clients – whether they are CEOs, members of an executive team, managers in communications, marketing, human resources, public relations or even spokespersons – to become better communicators. Choose your program!


Our coaches have extensive experience in public speaking and media relations training with CEOs, executives, prime ministers, diplomats, and even artists and athletes. We work with you on your specific needs by developing the themes that affect you in contexts tailored to your needs.


In today’s increasingly complex world, public relations programs must be as persuasive as ever. This is a challenge, given the multitude of competing interests that sometimes literally derail the most elaborate communications plans. Stakeholder liaison is a critical component of project success and is often overlooked by organizations. If many organizations are still sailing blind, i.e. without taking all stakeholders into consideration when communicating with their target audiences, it is often because they simply do not know how to navigate the rough seas.


Every business or project starts with an inspiring vision. We have teamed up with Think8 consultants who have developed a structured “guided thinking” process that provides highly effective creative sessions to create an inspiring, clear and concise vision. At the end of this program, you will have defined or refined a corporate vision that reflects your image and business imperatives, a vision that you will want to share with your various audiences.


A company’s story is central defining its positioning. It guides and fuels organization’s communications activities, both internally and externally. Knowing how to build a story, formulate it, share it, and even tell it, is essential for the reputation, prosperity, and growth of a company. And it can be learned.


The only constant is change and today that is more evident than ever for business.. The responsibility for inspiring and leading that change internally is increasingly falling to the communications and public relations team. As a result, internal communication is more important than ever to ensure employee motivation through the orchestration and creation of a rewarding and inspiring work environment. In fact, research shows a strong correlation between effective internal communications and high-performance organizations.


To add rhythm, depth and breadth to your organizational communications and solidify your relationships with your various audiences, an online and social media strategy is a must. With so many options available and limited time and resources, it’s essential to choose wisely. How to approach each platform efficiently? How to make the right choices for your organization? How to maximize the return on investment? In short, how to be strategic and efficient?


Tell us about your specific challenges. Our CASACADEMY adapts to your reality. We can design custom programs for you. For more information, contact us.