“Always come back to the why.”

– Céline-Audrée Hébert Desautels

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

I enjoy challenging the status quo as well as understanding and helping to understand the goals and motivations that guide individuals and organizations in their decisions. When I make decisions, I try as much as possible to rely on facts or data but when that is not possible I am able to rely on my intuition. Digital marketing allows us to collect a lot of data to understand customer behavior and therefore to better adapt our messages and communications. It is a constantly evolving discipline that requires continuous training to remain relevant and effective. It’s a challenge that I love to take up!


For the team. Invested professionals who have a background and a desire to put their knowledge to good use but also to share it. Always doing better but also the sincere introspection of the team are important motivators. At CASACOM, we feel in the air the values ​​of respect, mutual aid and creativity for the benefit of projects but also of everyone.

What else…

Running to free my mind and get back to basics; anchoring my feet in the ground with each step, connecting to nature, to myself. This is when the best ideas emerge.