Our team - Daniel Dutesco | CASACOM
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« In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity »

– Daniel Dutesco

514 286-2145, poste 221

Key Highlights

  1. Bachelor’s degree, Psychology, McGill, (1988-1991)
  2. VP Strategy, FCB (2008-2014)
  3. Head of Digital and Marketing Director, IKEA (2004-2006)
  4. Director of Creation – génération.net (1996-2000)
  5. Co-Founder IAMWILD (2015) and IAMWILD.ART (2018)

Profile and expertise

Why I Love What I Do

I am passionate about potential and growth – both from a personal and a professional perspective. Most of all I am passionate about ideas. I have been very privileged that my career has enabled me to explore these three concepts from a range of perspectives including creative, strategic, digital and business. Strategy for me, is about finding that needle in the haystack, about looking at the same data and information as everyone else, and seeing opportunity in something that had always been perceived as a weakness or a difficulty. It is about discovering something new every day, about growing as an individual and improving your knowledge with each client and each project. Most of all I love my work because I can make a concrete difference in the success of brands, businesses and clients. Sometimes that difference is small, sometimes it is transformational – In both cases its about doing work that matters.


At the core the only difference between organizations is the people. This is the first thing that I noticed at Casacom. Beyond smart, friendly and engaged people, unlike most, the organization had a fundamental difference in it’s DNA – Presence. Being present and engaged in our clients business; engaged in the work and having a success and client focused mindset. More than anything Casacom was a very human organization in what is often a purely business focused industry.

Anything else…

On a personal side I am passionate about many things but two stand out: Golf, which while I undertook very late, has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in my life. One that has helped gain perspective and focus as well as allow me to spend more time with my young son, by bringing him on the course with me. I am also passionate about ensuring a better future for my son and future generations. With this idea in mind I co-founded IAMWILD, a new global platform that connects business and conservation, through art, products and experiences. A platform that has the ambition to transform conservation and how we protect wildlife and wild ecosystems.