“Behind every story we tell is a human experience.”

Julie Desjardins




  1. Master’s degree in public administration, University of Victoria (2015), bachelor’s degree in communication sciences, Université de Montréal (2004), certificate in English studies, Université de Montréal (2000)
  2. Extensive experience in socio-economic development issues and public affairs matters.
  3. Holds the PRP designation from the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques
  4. Paracyclist involved with the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau for over 5 years

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

I have always loved to tell stories. Even at a young age, I was already known for my writing skills… and my ability to talk! Over time, I realized that one of my great strengths was that I could easily relate to people and that, by using those relationships wisely, I could have a positive influence around me. My job allows me to meet amazing people and use my storytelling skills to have a tangible impact on the companies I advise. Few things are as satisfying as feeling that our work is making a real difference!


CASACOM was founded when I was a second year undergraduate student. I feel that I have not only had a front row seat to see this humanistic firm evolve, but that we also grew at the same pace. After 20 years in the communications and business world, I chose to join an organization that allows me to put my skills to work and to satisfy my curiosity about a wide range of subjects and issues, while remaining consistent with my core values of trust, kindness and excellence. CASACOM is right where I belong!

What else…

I am a committed woman, in all areas of my life. I give 200% to my work, but also to my family and friends. I’m the one who makes surprise trips to bring little gifts to some friends, just “because”. I am also the mother of two smart and talented girls, one of whom has a special talent for dancing. So you can regularly hear me cheering for her, along with her teammates, all over the province. During the summer months, I get on my bike to push my physical limits and raise funds for the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, a cause that is particularly close to my heart. Finally, I have the heart of a rocker. As a young adult, I traveled a lot to see my favorite band in concert. That’s how I learned English and how I met my husband!