“Imagination is the starting point of every great achievement.”

– Lydianne Bisson


  1. Recipient of numerous awards in university competitions, including Volunteer of the Year, 1st place in the social category (coach), and 1st place in the participation category (vice-president of participation)
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing
  3. Attraction Cast Member, Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World, 2019)

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

I like utilizing my skills and knowledge to help others in the best possible way. With each individual being unique, I find it essential to apply my abilities and talents to provide personalized support. With an overflowing creativity, I consider it as the key element of any effective social media strategy. My ability to explore different perspectives allows me to generate innovative ideas and unique solutions. I am passionate about the evolution of social media platforms as it enables me to stay at the forefront of technology and assist my clients in achieving their goals with current best practices.


I sincerely believe in the phrase “Teamwork makes the dream work”, and at CASACOM, every project is accomplished as part of a team. Always striving for excellence, the values advocated by this firm are aligned with my own. Collaborating, learning, improving, forging relationships… our daily routine is very dynamic, and no two days are alike.

What else…

Cinema, travel, books, K-pop, fitness… I’m not short of passions! As a Protagonist (ENFJ), I draw on my creative energy to achieve my goals and help others. I intuitively perceive my clients’ needs and respond in innovative and unexpected ways. I firmly believe that we are the architects of our own happiness, and for me, it all starts with our health and the way we take care of our bodies.