”It’s in the challenges that we find evolution.”

– Marie-Eve Landry



  1. Bachelor’s degree in communication, Télé-Université (2012 to 2016)
  2. Certificates in public relations and organizational communication, Télé-Université (2016 to 2017)
  3. Evolution within Desjardins Group (2011 to 2018)
  4. Holder of the professional title in public relations PRP (2022)

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

Communications have guided my professional and personal aspirations for many years. I love to observe and become aware that interpersonal relationships are built on mutual interpretation. Communications are at the heart of the corporate world and guide the perception of audiences as well as the mobilization of teams. Having this opportunity to play a central and indispensable role increases my sense of being in the right place at the right time. There are so many great challenges that revolve around communication! That’s what I’m passionate about; thinking about a situation that needs to be corrected and identifying the best solutions afterwards. Taking on challenges and making a difference for those who are trying to learn how to be better heard and understood is what drives me in my career. 


First and foremost, I decided to join CASACOM to bring together all my skills and knowledge for the benefit of a variety of companies. This firm brings together, under the same roof, different professionals, all passionate about communications. It is very motivating to work in the same spirit of collaboration where various ideas and talents are put to contribution for the advancement of structuring projects. Finally, it is the variety of projects proposed to companies from all sectors of activity that inspires me to enhance the value of my profession and to broaden my field of knowledge for a better understanding of the issues that affect our society. 

What else…

There are so many beautiful challenges that revolve around communication, the playing field is huge and the possibilities are great! So, I aspire to bring together all of my skills and knowledge and put them to work for the elevation of organizations and people.