“Coherence is the core of effective communication.”

– Mathilde Jean-Dumazet


  1. Master’s degree in integrated communication management, Université Lyon 3 (2021) 
  2. Bachelor’s degree in organizational communication, Université de Montréa (2019)
  3. Three years of university involvement (AÉCUM, FAÉCUM, Station Poly

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

Communication was at first a trial, then a given. I still see the importance of our field, which is constantly evolving, the different communication practices that are becoming must-haves, the panoramic vision that has emerged. Communication is also much more than social networks or press releases. We question ourselves before any and all actions because we are fueled by the desire to make a positive impact, to ensure the consistency of messages, to think differently, to reinvent. The versatility of our work creates unique and challenging days! 


Beyond an agency, it’s a caring team that is constantly striving to improve, with complementary expertise and challenges that we tackle first and foremost together. It’s also a variety of projects, the opportunity to learn more every day, diverse fields and the deep desire to always do better and be on the lookout for the needs of our clients.

What else…

I love to read, to challenge myself physically by practicing all kinds of sports (fitness, badminton, climbing, skating, skiing, etc.), to cook (and eat at the same time!). I also have a great passion for music, travel, languages and history.