”Inspiring others by being yourself”

– Mélissa Cornellier



  1. Member of the CHRP order
  2. Graduated from UQAM in Human Resources Management in 2019 and currently at HEC in Organizational Development in the graduate microprogram
  3. Contributed to the opening of EsthetiK – Esthetic Care Clinic (2018) and participated in the writing of a few business plans for the opening of new businesses

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

What I enjoy most about human resources management is helping to create a healthy work environment that both meets the needs of employees and achieves the goals of the organization. I enjoy connecting with people, listening to them, understanding them and having a positive impact on their daily lives.  It is also important to me to participate in the success of SMEs and to collaborate with local entrepreneurs. 


I was enchanted by the good practices implemented by the management team. It was important for me to join a human organization whose primary concern is the well-being of their employees. From my first day, I felt how close-knit the team is and they welcomed me with great enthusiasm. I appreciate the collaborative spirit of the team. 

What else…

I am very connected to nature and can see the beauty in everything I look at. I am the type of person who watches the moon and the sunset every night and is equally amazed. My favorite places to be are on top of a mountain and by the water. I also enjoy spinning, yoga, paddle boarding and reading.