« For every problem, there are a thousand solutions. »

– Yannick Mondoux


  1. Director of TV Commercials for TVA and V-Télé
  2. Production of several corporate videos (Desjardins, Mitsubishi, Aedifica)
  3. Live Broadcasts for Mitsubishi PHEV 2018 unveiling and STM app launch

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

I’m passionate about working with images—about finding the most flattering angle for an organization and its employees. From writing the scripts to the way the light bounces off my subjects into the camera lens, it’s a fascinating job.


At CASACOM, I work with proactive, creative, welcoming people. Communication specialists who know that every good relationship starts with a genuine smile.

What else…

When I’m not behind a video camera, I’m probably out playing—or thinking about—golf. I love being able to take my time, enjoy the fresh air, and especially, push my patience to the limit!