Employer branding

Why is this a priority for companies?

Because 94% of Quebec companies are suffering from the effects of labour shortages! Effective recruitment, retention and communication strategies have become essential to business success, and powerful employer branding is most often the missing piece of the puzzle.


  • To claim your rightful place as an employer in your industry
  • To stand out from your competitors
  • To engage your employees around a shared project
  • To increase your current and future employees’ sense of belonging
  • To increase your success in recruiting and retaining employees
  • To pass on your values and humanity


  • Identifying, with both you and your employees, what makes your company different
  • Understanding your market’s needs
  • Ensuring that your mission and values are aligned with these needs
  • Developing a distinctive and engaging narrative
  • Creating engaging concepts and generating engaging content
  • Defining the key components of your value proposition to your employees
  • Developing a talent attraction plan; being proactive, not passive
  • Building synergies between HR and Communications/Marketing departments
  • Promoting an appealing employee journey

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