At CASACOM, we’ve honed our techniques over years of working with different associations. We know how to make associations indispensable to their members, position them as go-to resources, and help them gain or maintain opinion leader status.

Associations and their members must be headed in the same direction. We can help you get there by improving the quality of your internal and external communications, rethinking promotional campaigns, and taking your symposia and conferences to the next level.

Some cases might require more sophisticated solutions and a new strategic plan. CASACOM is the partner associations need to set new goals and decide on a policy direction and action plan to reach them.

Clients with related projects (current and past clients):

Canadian Association of Broadcasters

Association of Architects in Private Practice

Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association

Association of Consulting Engineers of Quebec

Quebec Strawberry and Raspberry Producers Association

Québec Winegrowers Association

Quebec Association of Proprietor Pharmacists

Quebec Association of Broadcasters

Beautiful Heat

Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

MUHC Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists

Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec

Order of Dental Hyginists of Quebec (OHDQ)

Quartier des Spectacles Partnership

Environnement Network

Rural Solidarity of Quebec

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