A Big Plant with an Even Bigger Heart!


Aluminerie Alouette, the first aluminum smelter in North America, has worked with CASACOM since 2005. To be able to accomplish its development projects in the best possible conditions, Alouette seeks at all times to maintain excellent relationships with stakeholders, whether they are the local community, environmental groups, people in business and the government, employees, or shareholders. The media is also a public not to be neglected, to make them aware of the actions that Alouette has taken as a good corporate citizen.

Strategy and Activities

Worked in partnership with Alouette’s management and communications team to lay out annual action plans.

Participated in the organization of events connected to the aluminum industry, the preparation of press events, drafting of candidacy submissions for awards, the support of drafting annual reports on sustainable development, and to sensitive issues management.


Through the years, Alouette has led important expansion projects smoothly. Think about phase II, which begun in 2005.

Alouette has also received prestigious awards: Mercure (2008), Energia (2008), Innovation de la CSST (2009-2010), and recognition from GP2S in the realm of health on the job (2011).

In 2009, Alouette received the highest distinction, the Grand prix québecois de la qualité, whose dossier was put together by CASACOM in collaboration with about 40 Alouette employees.

In addition, CASACOM has contributed to the preparation of media events, which have always generated excellent positive coverage.