Highway 30

How to Start a Project on the Right Foot


CASACOM worked with the international New Highway 30 consortium since the very first day it signed an agreement with the government of Québec to carry out a Public-Private Project (PPP). It involved major public relations challenges given the long wait for it to start, the foreign makeup of the consortium, and the choice of PPPs in the construction approach. Skepticism of PPP arrangements and community expectations were significant considerations.

Our goal was to make this project the most possible “Made in Quebec” venture.

Strategy and Activities

Wrote the consortium’s first communication plan in collaboration with its partners, Quebec Transportation Ministry and the PPP Agency.

Managed overall community management closely with New Highway 30.

Coordinated website updating.

Worked to establish open and transparent ongoing communications between government, media, citizens, and stakeholders.


CASACOM handled some 50 local information requests in addition to providing the public with about 10 updates a week.

Constructive dialogue with regional county municipalities and locals generated positive results and gathered local media around the project.

Relationships with key stakeholders were also very positive.



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Facebook subscribers in three months


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