JCCBI (2/2)

Radiate and Increase Employees’ Sense of Belonging


In the third year (2017-2018) of our Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) consultation and support, the corporation’s main goals were to enhance the sense of belonging of its employees, to increase its influence with its partners, and to be advised strategically in managing several sensitive files.

Strategy and Activities

Developed strategies for stakeholder relations and social media content in regards to riding winter bikes on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge bike path.

Held several coaching and media training sessions with JCCBI spokespeople and CEO for their meetings with the media.

Developed and executed an employee “ambassadors” strategy that included LinkedIn training, creation of kits to provide at external conferences, the launch of the program, and the production of a video clip.

Wrote profiles of employees and interns for more exposure on LinkedIn.

Developed a strategy to launch the new SharePoint tool.

Produced a video capsule on highlights and optimized on social media.


Approx. 50 employees trained through the employee’s “ambassadors” strategy.

Mostly neutral tone in winter cycling articles, including a very balanced interview with JCCBI spokesperson and Radio-Canada’s Patrice Roy.

Increase in the number of employees actively using LinkedIn.

Close to 600 new subscribers acquired on Facebook through the highlights video capsule.

Relevant Data


Executives trained in best practices on LinkedIn


Spokespeople trained in media interviews


Views of the highlights video