Promoting Healthy Eating to Bloggers


In order to promote its program Croque Santé, which has awarded, for five years, a thousand scholarships of $ 1,000 per year to schools in Quebec to promote healthy eating, Metro mandated CASACOM to organize their first ever blogger event. The grocer wanted, in addition to increasing the reputation of the program, to position itself as a retailer committed to developing healthy eating habits.

Strategy and Activities

Selected and approached Quebec family bloggers.

Developed a card highlighting the advice of nutritionist, Linda Montpetit and handed to bloggers at the event.

Organized the event that took place on the morning of April 13, 2018 at the Culinary Academy, where guests were able to experience a Croque Santé culinary workshop in addition to receiving tips from Linda Montpetit to increase healthy eating for the whole family.

Followed-up with bloggers post event to maximize coverage.


Six family specialized bloggers traveled for the occasion.

Four blog posts were dedicated to the initiative.

Six publications were made on social media, totaling 853 likes and 38 comments (all positive).

Relevant Data


Family bloggers on site


Social media “likes”


Positive comments