Brand development and proactive media relations


  • A global provider of programmable silicon and wireless technologies, Octasic required a more proactive brand and media relations strategy in 2020 related to its 5G wireless solutions.
  • The challenge: build its reputation with the government, industry media and its employees.
  • In 2021-22, CASACOM deployed an internal engagement plan as well as spearheaded the rebranding of the company.

Strategy and Activities

Development of a 360° communication plan and a positioning that transparently explains Octasic's activities, while respecting the confidentiality required by the industry.

Mapping of key industry players and their positions.

Development of tools and presentations for elected officials, media and employees.

Media training for the President.

Government relations support (Can and US).

Design of an internal event that brings together different offices (Connection).

Creative brand personality workshop.

Production of a corporate video.

Redesign of the brand image and creation of the brand book.

Production of a video animation.

Production of multiple visuals including trade show booths.

Development of a complete employer brand strategy including internal and external strategy.


1 neutral cover piece : Octasic's first public release after CASACOM's advice resulted in neutral and nuanced coverage positioning Octasic favorably in the Toronto Star.

Opening of communication channels : Octasic has changed its strategy: it now responds to the media and meets with elected officials and interest groups concerned by the company's activities.

Solid positioning : Clear positioning of Octasic's vision and high standards, communicated to employees, media and government authorities.