Linking local purchase and medicines


Increase Pharmascience’s exposure to pharmacists and consumers by touching both the head and the heart to ultimately boost sales

Strategy and Activities

Position Pharmascience’s origin to Quebec and link the brand to local purchase

Create an inspirational video with the founder and the employees as anchors

Produce advertisements on the ``positive side effects`` of generic drugs

Develop a 360 degree content distribution strategy (web, social media, press relations, forums, traditional and digital advertising)

Equip the sales team with communication tools (newsletters, leaflets, renewed kiosks, etc.)


120% of the target view reach with only 70% of the promotional budget used

36% open rate on an email blast to pharmacists (average industry rate 12%)

12.2% engagement rates in an advertisement on La Presse (twice the average)

A large majority of positive comments from consumers and pharmacists

Positive impact on sales during the campaign

Relevant Data


People affected by the campaign (advertising, social media and press relations)


Total views of both videos (inspiration and positive side effects)


Engagement generated on social media and interactive advertising