Tous ruraux

A Movement is Born!


“Tous ruraux” is a mobilization initiated by Solidarité rurale du Québec (SRQ) and promoted by several partners to reaffirm the importance of a strong rural in province of Quebec. Our challenge was to accompany SRQ in the ideation, design and execution of this social campaign.

Strategy and Activities

Assisted and advised the SRQ Board in all stages.

Developed with SRQ the major milestones of the movement: approach of the ambassador Fred Pellerin and proposal of regional spokespersons, unveiling of the approach, strategy of contents (video, interactive quiz, publications web and social media), holding of an event gathering with more than 300 guests and post-event campaign.

Co-scripted and co-produced the campaign launch video with Fred Pellerin.

Developed the website, quiz inviting the public to discover its share of rurality and the written and visual content for social media.

Recruited about fifteen ambassadors (local and national personalities).

Created and executed the media relations strategy around the unveiling and grand rally, using data from a new portrait of rurality and highlighting Fred Pellerin and spokespeople for SRQ partners.

Organized with SRQ two major events: the unveiling at the Maison des Régions de Montréal (March 2018) and the big gathering at the Espace St-Grégoire de Québec (May 2018).

Developed an organic and paid distribution strategy on social media.

Results (As of April 30th, before the event in May)

116 pieces of media coverage, including a six-minute interview with Hi Hello.

8.3M media impressions.

16 ambassadors, including Fred Pellerin, Ricardo Larivee, Josée di Stasio and Laure Waridel.

370,000 views of the launch video at the end of the first month.

11,000 quizzes filled out on the website (8,000 in the first week).

15,000 unique visitors (including 10,000 in the first week).

Relevant Data


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