with Jean-Michel Nahas, Director, Montreal Office
Steering Your Project to Success through Troubled Waters //

We live in an age where issues are increasingly complex, yet public relations programs are expected to be just as persuasive as they were in simpler times. This is a huge challenge given the multitude of conflicting interests at play—interests that can derail even the most carefully designed communications plans.

One crucial aspect of project success that many organizations still neglect is stakeholder communications. Many proceed with strategic business initiatives without taking all of their stakeholders into account as they lack experience in research and mapping. Our approach ensures stakeholder communications are informed by a solid understanding of perception and a clear vision of effective program goals.


If you’re an entrepreneur, small business executive, or manager of communications, public relations, marketing, or human resources, this program is for you.

Main takeaways:

  • Keep storms at bay by taking the mystery out of issue management
  • Learn effective stakeholder and interest group mapping
  • Plan effective communication with diverse audiences


  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Issue management plan


This program requires 12 hours over the course of four to eight weeks, depending on your pace and availability. It consists of three steps:

  1. Identification of your learning objectives and the desired outcomes for you and your organization.
  2. Participation in a one-day small group seminar to share experiences with your peers and access cutting-edge content as well as case studies, experiments, interaction, and analysis.
  3. Personalized coaching sessions to generate customized results for yourself and your organization.

With this program, you benefit from a group session, while simultaneously adapting your learning to your own work and your organization’s specific needs. A far cry from the typical one-day sessions attendees too soon forget.

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For more on availability and rates, contact the CASACADEMY director, Stéphane Ethier.