"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

Dimitri Jules

Data analysis consultant

I’ve always felt there aren’t enough hours in the day to learn everything there is to know about things that excite me! Luckily, I’m an introvert who enjoys spending enormous amounts of time reading and working by myself. This is when I’m most creative. The world is full of people as eager to learn as I am and who are willing to share the knowledge it has taken them years to accumulate. That’s why I make a point of interacting with everyone I come in contact with. Life is too short for preconceived ideas and I believe there is always more than one point of view.

My career has taken some twists and turns because there are too many things I’m interested in, whether it’s science, law, or politics. Travel has  helped me discover a passion for communications. It’s fascinating to see how the same message can be adapted to speak to different cultures across the globe. Travel has also shaped my view of the world and opened my eyes to the many challenges facing our planet. My approach is first and foremost based on the human dimension and through my work I try to help improve the human experience.

With qualifications that include a bachelor’s degree in communication, politics, and society, I started my career in event services and then moved into communications and marketing management. That’s where I gained valuable and varied experience with numerous high-profile clients. Next I started working in agencies, focusing on digital communications. I am currently studying for a graduate degree (DESS) in management with an elective in marketing communications at HEC Montréal.

In the digital age we generate an astronomical amount of data every second. Although we need software to analyze it all, we also need to have a human approach to grasp the subtleties of some aspects. At CASACOM, I am primarily in charge of collecting and interpreting data on a variety of digital platforms to help our clients carry out their projects and achieve their goals. I also help my coworkers in various projects relating to strategy, events, public relations, and more. I am always looking to break new ground by finding new ways to do things.

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