« Creativity is a state of mind. »

– Anne-Marie Archambault

(514) 286-2145, poste 228


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Université du Québec à Montréal (2004-2007)
  2. Director, Strategy & Content Experiences, Akufen (2016-2020)
  3. Freelance designer, writer, researcher, screenwriter and creator of multiplatform content (ONF Studio Interactif, Radio-Canada, Attraction Média, dtp, Picbois Productions, Turbulent, …). (2011-2020)

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do

My career journey has been diverse and rich and has allowed me to cross paths with extraordinarily talented people and clients. Each project is a new challenge and an opportunity to create human connections. We all have a talent, a raison d’être, a role to play in every interaction. When these talents gather around a table, magic happens.  I love it when the stars align and visions come to life,  providing me with the inspiration to surpass what I knew I could do. I am a storyteller who wants these stories to shine and have a personal impact in the world. I like to simplify, solidify and realize. Mostly,  I like to think outside the box calling on my varied experience and expertise to offer creative solutions that are innovative, relevant and effective.


We are a close-knit team at CASACOM, all motivated by mutual values and the pursuit of excellence. CASACOM is an intelligent, lively and integrity-filled agency. It is teeming with people who discuss and think, but most of all, who put ideas into action. Making the complex simple, moving from theory to practice and from macro to micro: from strategy to action!

What else…

When I don’t speak, I write, and when I don’t write … I move, meditate or cook! I am proud of my commitment to prioritizing my physical and mental health in a professional world where we are asked for more and faster everyday. The mental space that I cultivate daily allows me to find better solutions, to keep my creativity alive and to be an active listener. I bring with me a work environment that is calm and enjoyable for every situation.