« Design is in constant evolution and every area of it is a discovery. »

– Marie-Claude Brault

(514) 286-2145, ext. 235


  1. Member Emeritus of the International Society of Typographic Designers
  2. Graphic Designer at Radio-Canada – Internship
  3. Resurgence Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Matane and Montpellier, France (2014)
  4. UNICEF Volunteering with uOttawa
  5. Learning sign language

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do.

I was natuarlly attracted to design. Spontaneous by nature, I often make my decisions on a whim, without regretting it. Passionate about photography since my early childhood, I studied in the beautiful Gaspé Peninsula. With the tools that I developed during these three years, I wanted to learn more. I plunged headfirst into graphic design upon my return to Montreal. I’ve been marvelling in ite ver since. I love my job because I learn every day. Design is in constant evolution and every area of it is a discovery for me.


CASACOM inspires me tremendously. For me, it’s a laboratory for new challenges. The pace of the work ensures that you never get bored. The passion of the people around me helps me perform better and gives me the chance to constantly set—and reach—new goals.


What else…

As I am very intuitive, I often listen to my first instincts. All my choices have led me to where I am today, and I couldn’t be more proud of that. I care about environmental and social causes, which has led me to work with companies that share the same values. I’m passionate about music, so you’ll come across me in many different theatres and performance halls.