« Transform what’s inside each person to gold! »

– Rebecca Hébert

(514) 286-2145, poste 231


  1. Graduate of the London School of Economics (2012) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (2010)
  2. 6 years of experience in communications and media relations in France (2013-2019)
  3. Arrival in Quebec in 2019

Profile and expertise

Why I love what I do.

I love words. I like to translate the essence of a thought, an idea, a wish or a message into a judicious, precise and, why not, audacious formula. Finding the right formula, the one that will reach a particular public, a target audience, to meet a given objective.  Above all, I love people. Enabling them to bring out the best in themselves, by accompanying them, listening to them and understanding their deepest expectations, is a great joy for me on a daily basis. My goal: to transform what’s within each of us into gold!


This is my second home in Quebec! What a joy to work and exchange with such brilliant, highly efficient colleagues who are driven by the same passion for communications. For me, CASACOM is always one step ahead, always thinking about relevant, creative and 360-degree solutions. What’s more, it’s a house where caring, mutual aid and solidarity reign. What makes us deliver solid answers is also this very solidarity between us. No detail escapes us, because we are a close-knit team. Everyone comes to the table with a different expertise, allowing us to complement each other perfectly.

What else…

When I’m not at work, it’s the same thing: I communicate! I’m passionate about languages and speak seven of them. In the last twelve years, I have lived in Paris, Madrid, London, São Paulo and Montreal. I also love networking and try not to miss any events in the city. In short, human relations come first for me! My other passions: Thai food to get away from it all, yoga to clear my head and zumba to stay full of energy!