10 Years of Serving a Law Firm Across Canada


In 2004, after a merger, the Canadian law firm Gowlings had just changed its name and needed a notoriety boost in Montreal. Over the 10 years that lasted the mandate, CASACOM also worked for multiple offices across the country on various issues.

Strategies and Actions

Developed distinctive positioning.

Created a comprehensive plan for visibility.

Set up an “emergency” phone line for journalists to call with their legal questions; distributed old-fashioned red phone in news rooms.

Hot topic luncheon meetings were held to develop closer relationship with journalists.

Secured agreements with specialized magazines for lawyers who collaborated as columnists.

Systematically positioned Gowlings lawyers involved in high-profile cases.

Highlighted the expertise of Gowlings in sharp practices and newsworthy topics through specialized conferences.

Focused PR efforts on recruitment and business development.

Helped engage law students through various social media initiatives. such as the Facebook contest ``I want Gowlings,' and also by training them to become better at business development on LinkedIn.


In 10 years, CASACOM’s various strategies and actions generated hundreds of media hits in the business pages of major newspapers and financial magazines in Quebec and English Canada.

The coverage had a positive impact not only on building awareness and bringing visibility to the firm, but also by attracting major new contracts.

Our media reach went from 14,7M impressions in 2004 to 60M in 2013.

With this stunt and well-trained and accessible lawyers, Gowlings quickly became a resource for the media.

Relevant Data


Years of partnership


M of media impressions


% growth in media coverage