Ready.Set.Net.: Networking with the next generation at Humber College

Last week I was invited to meet 80 PR students at READY.SET.NET!, a 90-minute whirlwind networking event, reminiscent of speed dating, at Humber College. Circulating among small tables, these bright, eager students asked PR professionals what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, how to get a job!

This year marks my own 20-year milestone in public relations and communications, and I remember the days of internships and job-hunting vividly. In those days, we were hungry to put our newly developed skills to work. However, as I answered rapid fire questions from these curious young people, I couldn’t help but notice the shift that has occurred since I started in this profession. The ambition and curiosity is still there. But what’s different is that this new generation wants to work in organizations that respect and value their diverse opinions, lifestyles and personal brands. Now, it’s a two-way street.

Values-oriented firms, like CASACOM, are incredibly appealing because we have aligned ourselves with a new way of working that appreciates the whole person, not just the person you are at work. Passion, joy and humanity come first as core values, and the rest follows. This is a departure from two decades ago, when values and culture wasn’t even part of our decision-making criteria.

As we seek more balance in our lives, and feel more valued in our work, I hope that this next generation will demand – and not settle for anything less – than complete authenticity. Our profession, and our clients, depend on it.

So I ask you: what matters most to you as you seek a fulfilling career?



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  • Jason

    It’s an interesting shift – the convergence of three (maybe four!) generations in the workplace. The organizations that will win the war for top-talent will be the ones that can recognize the unique needs of each group and (delicately) perform a balancing act.

    April 23, 2012 at 1:57 pm

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