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Working at CASACOM means working in a stimulating environment that fosters a passion for learning and pushing yourself. There is no such thing as a routine. The projects are exciting and diversified. We reinvent ourselves every day through the informed, inspired, and innovative thought we put into the creation of communications initiatives for our clients.

There are many opportunities for learning and growth and everyone, regardless of their level, makes a difference in our projects. For us, talent, initiative, and commitment have no age or title – essentially, our house has no ceiling.

CASACOM is home to a close-knit, passionate and efficient team, united in our goals.  We collaborate, complement and help each other. At CASACOM, success is shared, and celebrated every day.

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Six reasons
to join us


A real team spirit

There is a real sense of camaraderie in our offices. Whether in Montreal or Toronto, and no matter what our specialties are, we are an engaged and supportive team. We also have our Happiness Committee to ensure we take the time to be social! Activities include celebrations, workshops, sports, and off-site retreats.   


Flexible work and generous vacations

Because some of the brightest sparks occur when we are together, we commit two days per week in office. The rest of the time, we enjoy the flexibility of telecommuting and can work from anywhere in the world. Each team member, regardless of experience level, starts with four weeks of vacation and in the summer, we disconnect on Friday afternoons to enjoy life!   


Diversified and 360° projects

Whether it is strategic communications, marketing, media relations, crisis management, ESG strategy, design, digital campaigns or content creation, our specialists work together to create truly integrated plans. Again, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, and no cookie cutter approach is used. What matters to us is bringing value to our clients.   


Casacoaching and the Elevation Plan

Each employee is assigned a CASAcoach who is committed to their professional development. Coaches and coachees work together to achieve the objectives set out in a personalized Elevation Plan. In addition, the entire team is continuously learning, thanks to our CASACADEMY and other opportunities. Staying ahead of the curve supports our elevation.  



We believe in the power of mindfulness to be at our best, as colleagues and as people. We learn about it, follow guided trainings, and apply it in our daily lives. 


A proud B Corp certified company committed to its community

Our awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and our practices supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are at the core of our values. In fact, our B Corp certification is a guarantee of our commitment to continuous improvement.