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Did McDonald’s give an NHL player free food for life? What are companies looking for when they hire PR professionals and what are the best practices for posting on social platforms? You can delve into these questions by reading about them in our favourite PR and communications stories of the week.

PR Industry:

What are companies looking for when they hire PR professionals? They are looking for someone who has great communications skills of course, but that’s not all. A recent infographic from The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama offers highlights from interviews of some leaders in the PR industry to find out what they’re looking for in new hires. In the link below you’ll find the infographic that outlines what PR leaders believe are important traits to have. You’ll also notice that one word keeps coming up: Intangibles.

10 things companies look for in PR hires” (PR Daily)

PR Move of the Week:

If you are a fan of the Ottawa Senators then you’ve heard of goalie, Andrew Hammond. He is nicknamed “The Hamburglar” and is having a fantastic start to his NHL career. John Bergeron, a big Senators fan and owner of six McDonald’s franchises in the Ottawa Valley, called McDonald’s VP of marketing in Toronto with an idea for a hamburger giveaway. The head office suggested giving Hammond a special card that gives him free McDonald’s for the rest of his life.

McDonald’s gesture is on its way to becoming a big PR win for the company, as well as for their lighter options menu. Hammond mentioned that he’d probably stick to the lighter side of McDonald’s food choices.

You can read more about McDonald’s PR move in the article link below.

PR Move of the Week: McDonald’s gives NHLer free food for life” (Marketing Magazine)

Social Media Platforms:

Social networks have become ingrained in our daily lives and it doesn’t seem like they are going away anytime soon. It also has become a large part of how brands communicate with their audiences. No one expects you to be a master of every social media platform, but it’s important to learn how to make the best use of the many social platforms available to you.

To help with your social posts, myclever agency compiled best practices for posting on LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr into one large and very helpful infographic.

How to Create Perfect Posts on Every Social Media Platform [Infographic]

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