The long weekend is almost upon us. Why not wind down and catch up on what’s trending in communications this week before wrapping up your day.

Blog Posts:

Writer’s block can appear anytime, even when writing blog posts. It can be difficult to write something engaging and interesting that will attract the attention of your readers. DigitalMarketer has created an infographic, which shares 55 blog post ideas; from how-to lists, to writing about certain holidays, to interview posts. There are many suggestions on this list to get you started that will inspire more blog post ideas in the future. Remember, blog posts are about being useful, generous, human, promotional, controversial, entertaining, timely and engaging. Note that all these elements don’t have to be used in one blog post; you can combine a few or focus on just one.

The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas” (PR Daily)


In recognition of Fast Company’s 20th anniversary, the Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company shares some lessons from this year’s most creative people in business. Here are 20 lessons of creativity inspired by their honorees. You can read more detail about each one in the article link below.

  • Creativity doesn’t discriminate
  • Creativity defies expectations
  • Creativity is improvisational
  • Creativity starts from scratch
  • Fear can’t trump imagination
  • Aggravation is inspiration
  • The bigger you are, the faster you can move
  • Creativity turns bad into good
  • Creativity happens in 3-D
  • Creativity is ambidextrous
  • Creativity can trump partisanship
  • Commerce and art are this close
  • Comic books can be cultural markers
  • Science can remake our assumptions
  • Games can remake education— and cybersecurity
  • Bureaucracy is under assault
  • Data can shape society…
  • . . . and so can conversation
  • Creativity can bloom early…
  • …and it’s just plain fun

20 Lessons of Creativity for 2015” (Fast Company)


Moms have a big influence on social media and more so as digital becomes more popular. Seven in 10 moms are active users on Facebook according to a study by Edison Research. Brands have an opportunity to boost their e-commerce by connecting with them on social media. However, it can be challenging to come up with new ways to connect with them. Allegra Demerjian, a social media coordinator at The Abbi Agency (Las Vegas, Nevada) has provided a few suggestions on how to engage moms on social media and make a Facebook page more “mom friendly.” This can be helpful when working on campaigns or initiatives that involve moms as your target audience.

  • Create a look book
  • Host a contest
  • Put out a poll
  • Post a quiz
  • Sell directly through Facebook

5 ways to make your Facebook page more mom-friendly” (PR Daily)

Thought of the week:

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein

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