Are Canadians spending more money this year? Which media company finally launched in Canada and how should you create that short pitch to get a journalist’s attention? You don’t have to look any further. We have those answers right here in our weekly communications stories that caught our attention.

Canadian Consumers:

According to a new report by research firm Mintel, Canadian consumers are not letting debt completely dictate their spending habits. The report said consumer spending would continue to rise, reaching $1.084 trillion this year, and increasing by 4.7% over the next five years. We’ve provided a few interesting statistics from the report, but can read more about it in detail in the article link below.

  • Canadians have not cut back on spending when it comes to food. Over 30% of those surveyed said they’ve spent more on in-home food in the past year.
  • Canadians are cutting back on leisure, entertainment and recreation.
  • 32% percent of respondents said they’ve spent less on leisure/entertainment and 52% said they’ve spent the same.
  • 27% said they’ve spent less on vacations and 44% said they’ve spent the same.
  • Consumers are also cutting back on alcohol: 35% spent less on drinks outside the home, 37% spent the same, and just 7% spent more.

Canadians cut back spending, but not on food (Survey)” (Marketing Magazine)


Reporters are busy people and don’t have time to read through long pitches; they want you to get to the point or tell them what they need to know. Some stories require more detail, but brevity is what gets your foot in the door. Short pitches also show your respect, appreciation and empathy for reporters.

Kristin Parran Faulder, vice president of InkHouse PR outlines a few things to remember when mastering a short pitch.

  • Identify what you want and are offering
  • Use hyperlinks
  • Think like a reporter
  • Consider Twitter
  • Cut—and then cut some more

Each is explained in detail in the article link below.

4 ways PR pros can master the art of one-line pitching” (PR Daily)


It has finally arrived! This week Buzzfeed officially launched its Canadian edition. The media company has a shared office space in Toronto and has a local staff of eight, including six editors and reporters who create content for the Canadian market. Visitors now have the option of selecting either the U.S. or Canadian version when they visit the site. You can read more about Buzzfeed’s plan for the Canadian market in the link below.

Buzzfeed Canada is here” (Marketing Magazine)

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