CASACADEMY on the Strategic Role of Public Relations: How Can Organizations Elevate the Impact of Their Communications Now?

The pandemic shed light on the critical role of communications to inform, rally, and engage. However, the urgency of the situation forced us to focus on the short-term. Now that we’re able to catch our breath, how can we take a step back, take advantage of our enhanced credibility, and gain perspective, in order to fully play our strategic role? How can we rise even higher within our organizations, utilize last year’s learnings and increase our impact?

Join Marie-Josée Gagnon, CEO and Founder, Tricia Doyle, Managing Director and Business Strategist, and guest speaker Hélène V. Gagnon, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Global Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, as they discuss how organizations can elevate the impact of their communications now, on Wednesday, February 24, 12 PM.

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