iögo named one of Strategy Magazine’s “Brands of the Year”

Congratulations are in order for CASACOM client Ultima Foods! Following its ‘heroic entrance’, iögo was named a Canadian “Brand of the Year” in this month’s Strategy magazine. Working closely with our client,  CASACOM was instrumental in designing and implementing the national public relations strategy surrounding the launch, including media relations, influencer briefings, launch events and many digital communications initiatives.

IOGO direction v2

This is the visible work. This is what people saw. But the public launch was just the tip of the iceberg. We rarely talk about what’s under the waterline, including the careful preparation work is just as vital. In this case, the launch of a new brand occurred in a context of transformation, as Ultima Foods was evolving from a franchisee status to full ownership.

As public relations advisors, our role is to provide counsel on managing relationships with an organization’s key stakeholders at any given time. We look at the business objectives, analyse the needs of each stakeholder group, and identify areas of common ground. Through our insights, we create a public relations strategy to support communications, both internal and external, as well as issues management. All of these were essential to help define and institute a new corporate culture at Ultima Foods.

Working closely with our client, we were able to mitigate any potential issues with key stakeholders over the 18 month timeframe leading up to the public launch, and worked to establish trust with influential media and consumers.

Thanks to the dedication of the entire iögo team, iögo ultimately had a smooth and impactful launch. Today, it is recognized as a brand made in Canada by Canadian dairy farmers – unique in our country and industry.

Kudos to iögo and to the iögo team – CASACOM is proud to be your partner and honored by your trust.

It’s never too late to join the iögomania – visit www.iögo.ca or follow iögo on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to learn more about our work with iögo, please click here.

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